HMC Halal Certification

The HMC requires that we have an HMC inspector regularly visits our premises to monitor our production processes and to confirm that we use only certified halal meats and ingredients. The meats we use for our HMC-certified products come only from HMC-certified slaughterhouses that have exactly the same safeguards in place. During transit between premises, all products are kept in sealed tamper-evident containers.

Guaranteed Quality

We at Umar Quality Foods take pride in ensuring that all our products are of the highest quality and we maintain this same quality throughout every product by making sure every ingredient used is of the best quality but also the effort we put in is always maintained at an extremely high level. Every customer has our guarantee that the quality of our products will never fall below our standards, and the standards we have set are the highest.

Our Services

Having worked in the industry for a long period of time, we understand the importance for a business to source quality ingredients for their food preparation. In addition to our food processing, we can provide assistance with client support, and regular distribution orders. We’re very proud of our ability to deliver your ordered products in a timely and convenient manner. Please contact us for further information on the services we provide.